Senate Republicans Want Updates to TV Rating System, Citing Disney's LGBT Contents For Children

Posted 54 days ago


In the wake of a popular backlash against Disney’s effort to inject LGBTQ activism into children’s shows, a group of Republican senators are calling for updates to America’s TV ratings system to better help parents avoid exposing their children to “disturbing contents.”

The TV Parental Guidelines, first created in 1996, is a voluntary system of guidelines used by American families to determine whether a particular program is age appropriate for their children. Its content is overseen by TV Parental Guidelines Monitoring Board, which consists of representatives from broadcast and creative industries, as well as those of third party public interest groups.

In a letter (pdf) to the Board’s chairman, Motion Picture Association CEO Charles Rivkin, the senators argued that there’s an imminent need to update TV Parental Guidelines because “topics of a sexual nature” are being “aggressively” promoted in shows meant for children.

The senators specifically pointed to a video that has gone viral on social media, in which Karey Burke, president of Disney’s general entertainment content, said in a company-wide video call that she wants “many, many, many LGBTQIA+ characters in our stories.”

“Gender dysphoria has become sensationalized in the popular media and television with radical activists and entertainment companies,” the letter reads. “This radical and sexual sensation not only harms children, but also destabilizes and damages parental rights.”

The senators also pointed to Disney’s stance against Florida’s new education law, which bans classroom discussion on sexual orientation or gender identity in grades... (Read more)