Pro-life Democrats sound off on Supreme Court leak, distance themselves from national party leaders

Posted 54 days ago


Pro-life Democrats are speaking out amid a leaked draft opinion from the Supreme Court that signals Roe v. Wade, a 1973 landmark decision which grants federal protections for abortion, may soon be in danger.

While an overwhelming majority of leaders and members in the Democratic Party continue to embrace the idea that women should be allowed to obtain an abortion, as currently protected at a federal level under Roe v. Wade, a 2020 study from Pew found that 3 out of 10 Democrats or left-leaning independents do not agree with the party's stance on the issue.

Speaking to Fox News on Wednesday, Kristen Day, executive director for Democrats for Life, says she agrees with Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito's assessment from the leaked draft opinion that it is time to allow states to decide how they are going to handle the issue of abortion.

"I think when Roe v. Wade was decided it stopped an important discussion by our nation of how we treat the pre-born and how we treat women who experience unplanned pregnancies, so I think it's really important [that] it go back to the states because we can't continue right now and what is happening," Day said, reflecting on the moment she found out about the Supreme Court's 1973 decision to federally legalize abortion.

Describing her outreach to national party leaders, Day said there is a lot of "tone deafness" and that she has had no luck receiving a response to the "multiple letters" that were sent to Jaime Harrison, chairman of the Democratic National Committee, requesting meetings with him and elected pro-life Democrats.

"I think there's a lot of tone deafness when it comes to the Democratic leadership," Day said. "They're really beholden to the abortion lobby and I say the abortion corporation. As Democrats, we normally don't protect corporations, yet the Democratic Party decided to embrace this corporation and deregulate it, which is not consistent with Democratic values."

"We have requested a meeting with Jaime Harrison multiple times, we hand-delivered a letter to the DNC … he has refused to meet with us," Day added. "He has refused to meet with pro-life Democrat voices within the party."

With the 2022 midterm elections approaching, Day said she believes many Democrats are out of tune with the viewpoints of Americans in other states who do not support lenient restrictions on abortion and insisted it won't play out well for Democrats come election time.

"I think the Democrat Party is really overplaying their hand and they're not recognizing the reality of what people are thinking outside of California and New York," she said. "When you look at the rallies yesterday, yeah, there were big rallies in California and New York and outside the Supreme Court in D. C. where abortion is legal up to nine months in all those places. But when you look in the rest of the country, people don't support abortion up to nine months. They support reasonable regulations, they support reasonable limitations. I think it's going to effect midterms in a bad way for Democrats.

Day said Democratic Party leaders like President Biden, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N. Y., have "failed to learn" that a majority of Americans "want limitations and regulations on abortion."

"The pro-life vote can swing a seat," Day warned. "I think it's dangerous to promote this abortion extremism as mainstream and I think it will definitely harm [Democrats] in the midterms."

Nonetheless, Day said she remains optimistic as additional pro-life Democrats, many of whom she said are black, have begun "speaking up for pro-life voices" and entering elections across the country.

"Ironically, right now, a lot of our candidates are coming from the Black community," she said. "A lot of these strong pro-life voices are coming from the Black community. I think that's something the Democratic Party is unaware of, as well. There is a shift not only in the Hispanic community, but also in the black community."

Compared to the demographics of the whole U. S. population, Black women were "substantially overrepresented" among those obtaining abortions in 2014, according to a study from the Guttmacher Institute. Thirty-nine percent of women who obtained abortions in 2014 were White, while 28% were Black, 25% were Hispanic, and 6% were Asian or Pacific islander.

Regarding the recent Supreme Court leak, Day said she believes it is "dangerous" that people from within the court would consider doing such a thing in an attempt to defend their own beliefs.

"I think it's very dangerous for one person to decide that to advance they're agenda they're gonna leak something to the public," Day said. "Specifically on this issue, it's a very emotional issue with very strong opinions on both sides. It's horrifying that someone thought to leak it was a good idea."

Day said she believes if the individual responsible for leaking the information to the press is discovered, then a "strong response" should be sent so that it "doesn't happen again."

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