Judge rips NY Democrats' last-ditch attempt to save unconstitutional redistricting map: 'Hail Mary pass'

Posted 54 days ago


A federal judge in New York on Wednesday rejected a last-ditch attempt to use redistricting maps already ruled as unconstitutionally gerrymandered to favor Democrats in the upcoming primary.

U. S. District Judge Lewis Kaplan refused to grant an emergency injunction Wednesday seeking to prevent the state’s highest court from enforcing last week’s ruling that new congressional and state senate districts boundaries had been unconstitutionally gerrymandered and that the Democrat-controlled legislature had not followed proper procedure in passing the maps.

"Let’s be frank. This is a Hail Mary pass, the object of which is to take a long shot to have the primary conducted on state lines that the court says is unconstitutional," Kaplan said, according to Fox 5 NY.

A 17-page complaint filed in Manhattan Monday argued that there was not enough time to redraw the maps before the June 28 primary date and the existing maps, therefore, must be reinstated to comply with a 2012 court order. A decade ago, a different federal judge ruled that New York’s then-September congressional primary date was too late to ensure ballots were received by overseas military voters before November.

Kaplan asserted Wednesday that "chaos" would ensue from forcing the primaries to go on in June using the unconstitutional district map simply in order to comply with the 2012 ruling by a different federal judge.

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