Washington Post columnist complains media is stuck in 'Biden is a failure' mode

Posted 112 days ago


Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin continued her cheerleading of President Biden in a new column in which she attacks the media for being too critical of the president.

After one year in office, Biden and his administration are facing fierce blowback for their management of COVID-19, the economy, and foreign policy. Rubin penned a column Monday where she asserted, "Biden may not find it so hard to turn the corner" on the bad press.

"But Biden has an opportunity to change the conversation. The voting rights debate in the Senate is over. Build Back Better is kaput as one giant bill. And so, beginning Friday, you could hear the tectonic plates creak. The ground was shifting. Biden was moving on," Rubin wrote.

Rather than suggesting Biden was to blame for multiple setbacks in his administration, Rubin instead blamed that the media coverage is too focused on "failure" or things that he could never achieve.

"Perhaps, he has absorbed the advice of many Democrats: Don’t talk about failure or things you cannot achieve. You might not know it from the media coverage, but his first year still remains among t... (Read more)