Michigan GOP urges voters to 'retire Whitmer' in ad blitz targeting Democratic governor

Posted 112 days ago


EXCLUSIVE: The Michigan GOP says it is launching its earliest ads ever against an incumbent governor as it starts running spots targeting Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, who is running for reelection in November.

Using clips of Whitmer and news reports, the ad criticizes the governor over COVID-19 nursing home deaths, school shutdowns due to the pandemic, vaccine mandates, her alleged violation of pandemic rules, and the ongoing drinking water contamination crisis in the state. It also blames Whitmer for rising prices in the state and for jobs Michigan lost during her tenure.

In the text that is seen on screen during the 60-second ad, the state Republican Party says, "Michigan can’t afford four more years of deadly incompetence, of serial hypocrisy, of abusing power, of suppressed human rights, of school shutdowns and mass exodus, of record crime, of lost jobs, of flip-flopping, of failure. This November, retire Whitmer."

The Michigan GOP, which shared its ad first with Fox News, says it will spend an initial five figures to run the spot online starting Monday, and it will ramp up to a six-figure digital and TV buy in the coming weeks. The state party launched its ad blitz ahead of Whitmer’s state of the state address, which she is scheduled to deliver Wednesday.

"This is the earliest the Michigan GOP has gone up with an ad against an incumbent – digital or broadcast," Michigan GOP communications director Gustavo Portela noted.

"The reason we’re doing it is we’re seeing in poll after poll that she’s vulnerable, with the latest polling sho... (Read more)