Fox News Poll: Voters reluctant to give Biden a second term

Posted 114 days ago


Six in 10 voters would back someone other than President Biden if the 2024 presidential election were today, according to a Fox News national survey released Sunday. That makes his current reelection prospects dimmer than they ever were for his most recent predecessors, Donald Trump and Barack Obama.

At the end of Biden’s first year in office, economic anxiety is higher than a year ago, and many feel the pandemic is not at all under control. His job rating in both these areas is down in recent months, and over half of voters disapprove of Biden’s performance overall.

The president’s job rating has been underwater since October and that still holds true: 47% approve and 52% disapprove.

Overall, 54% approved of Biden at his 100-day mark in April. The 7-point decline since can be attributed almost solely to a drop among Democrats (from 95% in April to 85% today). Approval among Republicans and independents has changed by only a point or two over the same period.

Approval of Biden reached as high as 56% (June) and fell as low as 44% (November).

Biden’s current job ratings are nearly identical to former President Donald Trump’s at this point in his presidency, as 45% approved and 53% disapproved in January 2018.

Vice President Kamala Harris’ job rating is a bit worse than Biden’s: 43% approve, 54% disapprove. Seventy-eight percent of Democrats and 11% of Republicans approve.

Biden’s ratings are also negative on top issues. A record 52% disapprove of his handling of the pandemic, up from 34% in early 2021. Even larger numbers disapprove on foreign policy (54%), the economy (58%) and border security (59%).

Seventy-three percent of voters say economic conditions are only fair or poor, up from 66% last December.

Even more, 85%, are worried about inflation, and that sentiment is bipartisan: 81% of Democrats and 91% of Republicans are concerned.

Voters don’t agree on what’s causing inflation. By 48-42%, more blame government policies than the pandemic. Democrats (66%) point to the pandemic, while Republicans (73%) cite federal policies.

Republicans (80%) are also more likely than Democrats (56%) to think inflation is sticking around for another year or more. Overall, more than two-thirds feel that way (69%).

The percentage saying the pandemic is "not at all" under control jumped 13 points since last month, from 28 to 41%. Nearly three quarters (72%) remain concerned about coronavirus.

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