Defund police backers sing a different tune after rookie cop is slain

Posted 113 days ago


After making political hay by attacking the NYPD and pushing to defund the department – some of the city’s most vocal progressive Democrats are praising cops in the wake of Friday night’s tragic police shooting.

"By just saying we’re hiring additional police officers I think is sending the wrong message."

"These men answered a plea for help, both risked and one lost their life, all while trying to protect another New Yorker’s safety as countless officers across our city do each day."

"New Yorkers have lost faith in law enforcement."

"All of New York state is in mourning tonight…We pray for the safety of our police and our communities."

"It is time to defund the police and reimagine our public safety infrastructure."

"A 22-year-old NYPD officer has died & another is fighting for hi... (Read more)