Trump Book Publisher Sergio Gor: 'We Can’t Keep Up with the Demand'

Posted 113 days ago


President Trump’s book publisher Winning Team Publishing cannot keep up with the demand for his latest book, Our Journey Together, Sergio Gor, president of the publishing company, told Breitbart News Saturday, adding that they are currently facing a paper shortage in Biden’s America, affecting the speed of distribution.

Gor briefly explained what inspired both himself and Donald Trump Jr. to start the company. All across our culture, he said, Americans have witnessed the left “trying to cancel conservatives,” as seen on social media, TV, and the publishing industry. He noted that he has worked with “numerous” members of Congress who have been canceled and censored or been told, “Listen, you just can’t write this,” by left-wing publishers.

“Conservative books outsell liberal books almost always,” Gor said, yet they are too often stuck trying to publish books with left-wing publishers who seek to undermine them. That inspired and Trump Jr. and Gor to start the company, which kicked off its venture by publishing Trump’s photo book, Our Journey Together.

“The president understood this from the start. This is not self-publishing. We paid him a multimillion-dollar advance to get the rights to this book,” Gor said, noting he met with the president several times in Mar-a-Lago during the off-season, working on the book. Gor and his team narrowed photos from millions to thousands, and ultimately, Trump selected 320 and selected every caption.

“This is 100 percent pure President Donald Trump. And about 50 of them, he hand wrote the captions,” he said, noting that people “love” seeing the handwritten captions printed underneath some of the pictures with Trump’s “famous black sharpie.”

“You can’t come up with these captions if you tried. It’s 100 percent original him, calling Nancy Pelosi effing crazy. It’s things along those lines. Talking about the wall. Talking about China. Talking about Russia. Talking about Congress. Every single thing that happened over the last four years is in there,” Gor said, noting that the book sold 200,000 copies in the first six weeks of its release. However, a paper shortage struck in Biden’s America.

“Only in Biden’s America do you run out of paper. So we used one of the largest printers in America. They publish thousands of different titles every year,” he said, noting that they ran out of paper, creating delays for books across the board — not just Trump’s.

“Thankfully,” they are expecting another 100,000 delivered soon, and people can purchase it at, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble.

“We can’t keep up with the demand,” he said. “A lot of the retailers want it. A lot of stores want it. The fastest way to g... (Read more)