White House chief of staff Ron Klain under fire amid Biden woes: reports

Posted 114 days ago


White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain is reportedly coming under fire as the Democratic Party and some in the Biden administration look to assign blame for the president's anemic first year in office.

A lengthy Politico article details how moderate Democrats have reportedly been complaining that Klain is "overly deferential" to the more liberal wing, and have said privately he should be replaced, with second-guessing coming from the party and the administration.

"He was going to govern from the center, he was going to work with Republicans," one lawmaker grumbled to the outlet. "And to have a chief of staff that apparently has decided that he’s going to be Bernie Sanders, I think that's confusing. It’s just not helpful."

That lawmaker had also reportedly called for Klain to be fired in the fall, when Democrat infighting was at its peak. The outlet said that while Klain has his defenders, others believe he has not shouldered enough blame for the problems that have dogged the administration.

Biden’s approval ratings have been sinking, and major legislation — particularly the Build Back Better Act, which contained a slew of top liberal priorities, and its sweeping elections bill — has stalled in Congress. A botched withdrawal from Afghanistan, rising inflation and a continuing crisis at the southern border have also been political thorns in the side of the administration.

NBC News reported that some officials have accused Klain of mismanaging the West Wing, giving too much credence to cable news and social media — Klain is a regular user of Twitter — and of being responsible for Biden’s drifting away from his brand as a moderate. Others reportedly accused Klain of having a dated view of what it means to be presidential, leading to "one-dimensional" speeches from Biden.

White House officials told NBC that that criticism is not reflective of reality and attributed it to politics and score-settling. Some former chiefs of staff also note that coming under fire for the White House's struggles is part and parcel of being in the role.

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