Kyle Rittenhouse says AR-15 he used in Kenosha riots is ‘being destroyed’

Posted 54 days ago


Kyle Rittenhouse is destroying the AR-15 he used during his deadly shooting in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

The 18-year-old cleared gunman told “The Charlie Kirk Show” on Tuesday that the weapon he used to defend himself at Black Lives Matter riots is “being destroyed right now.”

“We don’t want anything to do with that,” said Rittenhouse, who broke down at his trial last month as he recalled having to use it to kill two men and injure another while under attack.

Rittenhouse made his revelation after the conservative podcast showed pictures of the controversial moment Assistant District Attorney Thomas Binger raised the weapon in court with his finger on the trigger.

Jokingly asked if the prosecutor was “threatening the jury,” Rittenhouse initially quipped, “Pretty much.”

“He was pointing the gun at the gallery, and I looked at my attorney,” he said of one of his defense team, Corey Chirafisi.

“I looked at Corey, and I said, ‘Corey, that’s Gun Safety 101,'” Rittenhouse said of his shock at the scene in the Kenosha courtroom.

“Loaded or unloaded, treat a gun like it’s loaded,” he told the podcasters.

Rittenhouse also poured scorn on the prosecution’s case that he could not rightfully plead self-defense because he was armed.

“I’m no lawyer … [but] what he’s saying is, ‘No one has a righ... (Read more)