Dr. Oz Getting Yanked Off Air in Some Major Cities due to Senate Run

Posted 54 days ago


Dr. Mehmet Oz can't have his Senate cake and eat it too -- his decision to run for office means his TV fans in several major cities won't see his show for at least the next 11 months, potentially ... and maybe permanently.

Sources with direct knowledge tell us "The Dr. Oz Show" will be yanked off the air shortly in all Pennsylvania markets -- including Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and the capital of Harrisburg. But wait ... there's more bad news for Oz fans.

Cities neighboring the Pennsylvania area are also axing his show, and that includes the #1 TV market of NYC, and at least one midwestern city. The issue, of course, is fairness to all the other candidates. The reason ... folks in Pennsylvania can pick up Fox in NYC.

A FOX source tells us ... this ... (Read more)