Michigan Gov. Whitmer expected to veto GOP-backed school choice bill

Posted 43 days ago


Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer is expected to veto legislation driven by Republicans in the state that would allow children to qualify for scholarships to attend private schools, with educational expenses such as tutoring being covered by taxpayer dollars.

The fast-tracked bills, introduced less than a week ago, would let individual and corporate taxpayers claim a 100% credit against their income taxes for donations to nonprofit organizations, which would send money to eligible students’ education savings accounts.

"The Michigan Constitution sets up a system of school funding designed to ensure the quality of free public education in Michigan," said Whitmer spokesman Bobby Leddy, according to the Detroit Free Press. Leddy also said the legislation allows for "the diversion of hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars annually to private institutions."

"Michiganders are tired of the attempts to force a Betsy DeVos-style voucher program that drain resources from our public schools," Leddy added, saying the "legislation is a non-sta... (Read more)