"Jokes are funny!": Protesters crash walkout by Netflix workers over Chappelle special

Posted 41 days ago


One of the most effective counterprotests I’ve ever seen. Here’s a taste of the main speakers from today’s demonstration organized by trans Netflix employees and sympathizers to protest Dave Chappelle’s new special:


How do you answer that if you’re Team Chappelle and want to make your voice heard? You could show up and earnestly make all the familiar counterpoints. Chappelle has no malice towards trans people; he’s an equal-opportunity offender in his comedy; getting Netflix to pull his special would reinforce a drab PC orthodoxy within an industry that’s supposed to be irreverent; cancel culture is stultifying and needs to be reined in.

But engaging the Netflix workers earnestly risks legitimizing their grievances. If you’re debating them over whether Chappelle should be silenced or marginalized, you’ve already implicitly admitted that that’s a debate worth having.

So why not barge in instead and deflate their sanctimony with mockery? “Trans people are in the middle of a holocaust,” insisted one speaker at the event. To which the reply came: Jokes are funny. Jokes. Are. Funny.


At today’s Netflix walkout, where “trans lives matter” chants are going up against Chappelle supporters shouting “I like jokes” pic.twitter.com/eX1qHgdj7R

Jokes really are funny. And chanting “jokes are funny” in the middle of progressive activists rending their garments over a few minutes from a Dave Chappelle routine is a funny joke. Or half-joke.

The guy with the glasses got under the crowd’s skin so much that one demonstrator grabbed his “Jokes Are Funny” sign and smashed it — and then accused him of having a “weapon” when the broken signpost was handed back to him. (Speech is violence!) That’s the woke id laid bare, but the guy with the sign didn’t let it faze him. Instead he couldn’t keep a straight face at the absurdity of protesters trying to drown him out as he yelled things like “I like Dave!” They came off looking ridiculous at seeming so threatened by him, which I’m sure was what he was going for when he showed up.

This guy understands where most of the public is on the Chappelle dust-up. ... (Read more)

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