Google Allows McAuliffe Campaign to Create Fake News Headlines for Search Ads

Posted 42 days ago


In what the Washington Post unthreateningly describes as a “new political ad strategy,” Democratic Virginia gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe’s campaign is manipulating Google’s ad platform to insert fake news headlines on links to news stories relevant to the election — and Google is allowing it.

Google and other tech giants have loudly trumpeted their campaigns against “misinformation” and “fake news” in recent years, but this is another reminder that the tech giants will turn a blind eye when Democrats use technological tools to spread their own variety of misinformation.

The McAuliffe campaign has used Google’s ad platform to insert its own headlines above links to stories from the Washington Post and Axios, headlines that neither news organization ever published. These stories are then pushed to the top of users’ Google search results as promoted links.

Even the partisan Democrat newspaper the Washington Post noted that the tactic “raised concern” from media experts.

The changes and formatting of these new ads — almost identical to how a news article would appear in search engine results — was enough to raise c... (Read more)