Meghan McCain credits ‘sisterhood’ with former Fox News colleagues for helping her through tough times

Posted 42 days ago


"Bad Republican" author Meghan McCain credited her bond with former Fox News colleagues Janice Dean, Kennedy, Dagen McDowell and Kat Timpf for helping her through tough times, saying she knows what "women supporting women looks like" because of her experience at the network.

"Look, I worked at Fox News before I went to ‘The View’ and I probably would not have survived emotionally, the past five years of my life between my dad’s passing, and cancer, and everything I speak about in my memoir happening at ‘The View’ and other things in my personal life if it weren’t for the women that I met at Fox News," McCain said Tuesday night on "Hannity."

It marked her first TV interview since leaving the ABC News daytime talk show earlier this year.

"Janice Dean, Kennedy, Dagen [McDowell] and Kat Timpf, there is actually an entire chapter about Kat Timpf and how she helped me through grief," McCain said. "I had a sisterhood at Fox that I lost at ‘The View’ and I know what women supporting women looks like because I had it when I worked at Fox News and now I know what the entire opposite experience is."

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