Facebook to pay $14M to settle claims of discrimination against US workers

Posted 42 days ago


Facebook has agreed to pay more than $14 million to settle Trump-era claims that it discriminated against American workers when filling lucrative jobs, the Justice Department said Tuesday.

According to federal prosecutors, Facebook had set aside more than 2,600 US-based jobs — most of which paid six-figure salaries — for foreign-born workers on temporary visas.

The company “refused” to consider US citizens for the jobs in violation of anti-discrimination laws, prosecutors said in the suit filed in December.

Under Tuesday’s agreement, Facebook will fork over a $4.75 million fine to the US government and pay out up to $9.5 million to alleged victims of the discrimination.

The Mark Zuckerberg-helmed social media giant will also be required to give its employees anti-discrimination training and make a greater effort to recruit American workers.

While the settlement represents a drop in the bucket for a company that took in $86 billion in revenue last year, federal prosecutors nonetheless declared victory.

“Facebook is not above the law, and must comply with our nation’s federal civil rights laws, which prohibit discriminatory recruitment and hir... (Read more)