MSNBC host, guest predict disaster for Democrats in future elections — and that GOP will win 2024 in 'landslide'

Posted 44 days ago


MSNBC host Joe Scarborough and frequent network guest Donny Deutsch warned Monday the Democratic Party must stop embracing far-left progressivism if Democrats want to win future elections.

During a discussion on "Morning Joe," Deutsch predicted that Republicans will win 2024 in a "landslide" if the GOP presidential nominee is anyone other than former President Donald Trump.

Scarborough agreed and pointed out that Republicans performed well in 2020 — in the House, Senate, in state legislatures, and governorships — with the exception of Trump.

Deutsch fired back that, in fact, he believes Trump could defeat President Joe Biden in a rematch, adding that any other GOP candidate — like Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis or Nikki Haley — would defeat Biden by "double digits."

Scarborough later said that he has heard from Democra... (Read more)