About 200,000 shipping containers stranded off California coast in supply-chain pandemic disruptions

Posted 45 days ago


Five days after President Biden announced operating two California ports 24/7, as many as 200,000 shipping containers are stranded off the coast waiting to dock in Los Angeles, the port director said Monday.

“We have about two weeks’ worth of work sitting at anchor right now,” Gene Seroka told CNN. “The question right now is how do we segment this cargo.”

Ports worldwide are congested as the global economy bounces back from pandemic slowdowns and consumers seek goods and commodities. A dearth of ships and containers are hampering efforts to move merchandise around, and consumer prices are soaring.

Last Wednesday, Biden said the White House had helped broker an agreement for the Port of Los Angeles to become a 24-hour, seven-days-a-week operation, part of an effort to relieve supply chain bottlenecks and move stranded container ships that... (Read more)