Stephen Miller’s Dark Prediction On Biden’s Spending Bill: It Might Upend ‘All of American Society’

Posted 47 days ago


Former senior advisor to President Donald Trump Stephen Miller said Saturday that President Joe Biden  Democrats’ $3.5 trillion spending package isn’t only about the inflated price tag but the policies behind it.

“This isn’t like a stimulus bill where you’re plowing money into existing programs,” Miller told Fox News’ “Watters’ World.”  “You are fundamentally reordering all of American society,” he added.

“This is madness,” he continued, “this bill is the most radical piece of legislation in our lifetimes. It’s basically the Green New Deal, combined with Critical Race Theory, combined with massive amnesty and open borders, combined with the complete destruction of the American economy.”

Miller went on to list tax hikes on American energy and U. S. manufactured goods and a death tax, arguing that these are important problems within the bill.

Trump has been a constant critic of the bill and and has suggested the Bi... (Read more)