New Yorkers sound the alarm on crime rates: 'The wild, wild West'

Posted 3 days ago


New York City residents who spoke with Fox News sounded the alarm on the city’s crime problem, with one equating the Big Apple to "the wild, wild West."

"The city has regressed the past eight years under the mayor," Gabriel, a lifelong New Yorker who works near Times Square, told Fox News in an interview.

"Crime in the subways, old women getting robbed … homicide going up, people getting shot, shootings are up, killings are up, and he’s aloof – he's walking in Prospect Park, enjoying his daily stroll or going to YMCA," he continued, referring to Mayor Bill de Blasio.

Another lifelong New Yorker, Chris, told Fox News, agreeing with Gabriel: "Liberals. Liberals are killing this city, absolutely killing it."

Overall crime rose by almost 3% in September 2021 compared to September 2020, and robberies increased by 6%, according to New York City Police Department data. New York City and other large metropolitan areas have faced crime surges following the 2020 push to defund police departments.

The largest increase in New York was for felonious assault – or assault with a dangerous weapon – which surged by nearly 19% from 1,802 in September 2020 to 2,135 in September 2021.

A New Jersey nurse died last week after an alleged mugger shoved her to the ground in Times Square, cracking her head.

"The crime situation has gotten extremely bad," John, a commuter from New Jersey, told Fox News.

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