West Point grad blasts Biden admin's weakness in talks with Taliban: 'Complete embarrassment'

Posted 6 days ago


West Point graduate Jeremy Hunt torched the Biden administration Monday for its repositioning of the United States with the Taliban, urging the White House to project strength after the Taliban made it clear it will not work with America to prevent the spread of extremism in Afghanistan.

"We have to be strong. As a military we have to project strength," Hunt stated. "That's what our enemies understand is strength, and unfortunately, the Biden administration has weakened us in so many different ways."

"We have no leverage in the region anymore," said Hunt. "And so it's just it's really kind of embarrassing position that the Biden administration has put us in."

Over the weekend, officials from the Taliban met with American officials in Doha for the first set of talks since the withdrawal of U. S. troops in August.

Topics included the safe passage of Americans and U. S. allies out of Afghanistan and the need to deter the nation from becoming a crockpot for extremism.

The Taliban pushed back on citing its ability to do so "independently" of the United States, despite the fact... (Read more)