Biden says climate change causing severe weather is 'no longer subject to debate'

Posted 12 days ago


President Biden said that severe weather and wildfires that the country has seen in recent weeks is caused by man-made climate change, arguing that the point is settled.

"We know what the driver is, climate change. We know what's causing climate change, human activity," Biden said during an appearance at Colorado's National Renewable Energy Laboratory Tuesday. "This is no longer subject to debate."

But some do still debate whether climate change plays a large part in natural disasters such as California wildfires and hurricanes, as Biden suggested.

"When I hear climate change discussed, it’s suggested that it’s a major reason and it’s not," Scott Stevens of the University of California told Forbes last year when discussing wildfires.

Stevens' view was echoed by University of Wisconsin geographer Paul Robbins, who argued such fires are not something new.

"The idea that fire is somehow new… a product solely of climate change, and part of a moral crusade for the soul of the nation, borders on the insane," Robbins said.

Nick Loris, an economist who focuses on energy, environmental and regulatory issues as the Herbert and Joyce Morgan fellow at The Heritage Foundation, has also disputed the idea that climate change is causing an uptick in hurricane activity.

"There's conflicting literature in the scientific community as to what this increased temperature and increased ocean temperature has done towards just the size and magnitude of hurricane," Loris said during a 2018 ... (Read more)