'Jeopardy!' not releasing traditional contestant photos with Mike Richards following host's ousting: report

Posted 12 days ago


"Jeopardy!" contestants are reportedly not getting their traditional host photos if they were among the handful of people in games with ousted host Mike Richards.

Richards stepped down as Alex Trebek's replacement on Aug. 20, and was ousted as the show's executive producer a week and a half later, after it was discovered podcasts he had made in 2013 and 2014 contained demeaning remarks about women and minorities. His ouster came after he had completed a week's worth of taping shows for the new season, and Sony couldn't redo them without affecting the game's integrity.

Samit Sarkar, a deputy managing editor for Polygon, took to Twitter last week to share with his followers that he will appear on the show in the first week of Season 38, which also happens to fall in the crop of episodes that Richards filmed before getting the boot from Sony. He noted that the show seems to be preemptively scrapping any evidence of the hosting debacle by not giving contestants the traditional photo with the host.

"Btw, @Jeopardy! contestants usually get 2 photos — one with the host + a headshot. We each took a photo with Mike, but were only sent the headshot!" he wrote.

Representatives for Sony did not immediately respond to Fox News’ request for comment.

Richards was introduced as host Monday in the show’s season premiere by a downcast-sounding announcer, Johnny Gilbert. Not a word was mentioned of his status as Trebek's replacement; if it had been originally, it was cut out.

The former replacement host’s time on the show may be hard to cut out as it comes during a potentially historic winning streak for contestant Matt Amodio.

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