Capitol Fencing to Go Back Up Ahead of Sept. 18 'Justice for J6' Rally

Posted 13 days ago


Fencing will be re-erected around the U. S. Capitol this week as law enforcement officials prepare for a demonstration planned for Sept. 18.

Matt Braynard, a former Trump campaign operative, is organizing the rally to call for the release of people who are not accused of carrying out violence on Jan. 6 during the Capitol breach but nonetheless remain in jail.

After briefing members of Congress Monday, Capitol Police Chief Tom Manger confirmed the fencing will be put back up ahead of the rally.

“The fence will go up a day or two before and if everything goes well, it will come down very soon after,” he said.

Organizers expect hundreds of people to attend the “Justice for J6” event. It could be the largest gathering at the Capitol since Jan. 6.

Manger told The Epoch Times in a recent email that his agency is “closely monitoring” the planned event but that he’s confident, given the changes in intelligence gathering and sharing made after Jan. 6, that “the work we are doing now will make sure our officers have what they need to keep everyone safe.”

A spokeswoman for the Metropolitan Police Department said via email the agency would be “fully prepared” for upcoming events.

“They seemed very, very well prepared. Much better prepared than before Jan. 6. I think they’re ready for whatever might happen,” Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N. Y.) told reporters after being briefed by Manger and other Capitol Police officials.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) also said that the Capitol Police’s plan “seems much better” than that in place before Jan. 6.

Braynard told The Epoch Times last week that whether or not the fencing goes back up is not relevant to the prote... (Read more)