Larry Elder slams Newsom on 'Fox & Friends' ahead of recall vote: Dems 'can't defend his record on anything'

Posted 13 days ago


California gubernatorial candidate Larry Elder made a final pitch to voters on "Fox & Friends," explaining why he should replace Gavin Newsom as governor. Elder noted that even prominent Democrats aren’t fully supporting Newsom.

Elder said Barack Obama, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren have all addressed the recall election, but none could tout his accomplishments in office.

"They never say the following magical words: Gavin Newsom has done a good job for the people of California," Elder said.

"They can't defend his record on crime. They can't defend his record on homelessness. They can't defend his record on the way he ignored science and shut down this state while his own children were enjoying in-person private education."

Calls for Newsom to be replaced developed from his highly restrictive COVID-19 policies. Newsom was the first to enti... (Read more)