Democrat Support for $3.5 Trillion Infrastructure Bill Falters

Posted 14 days ago


Sen. Mark Warner (D-VA) said Sunday he cannot support the $3.5 trillion infrastructure bill in its current form.

Warner, a member of the Senate Budget Committee, told Axios the proposal falls short in its effort to alleviate alleged racial inequalities in housing. The Virginia Democrat seeks to add more funding for housing assistance.

“As currently written, this proposal falls short,” Warner said in a statement to Axios.

Warner helped craft the $3.5 trillion infrastructure bill and has concerns with the $600 million fund for first-time homebuyers.

NEW: Sen. Mark Warner warned that he could vote against the $3.5 trillion budget package if more money isn’t added for housing assistance to close the racial wealth gap, Axios has learned.

He added, “I will be working in the Senate to make the American dream of homeownership and wealth creation more accessible to historically disadvantaged communities.”

Warner continued, “We have an obligation to use this historic investment to address longstanding inequities of power and opportunity that have left Black families with an average net worth one-tenth the size of their white counterp... (Read more)

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