Greek Govt to Be 'Ruthless' Toward Unvaccinated Healthcare Workers

Posted 14 days ago


The Greek Health Ministry has stated that it would not hesitate to be “ruthless” when looking for unvaccinated healthcare workers who oppose to the vaccine mandate and present fake vaccine certificates.

Deputy Health Minister Mina Gaga spoke out on the issue this week, saying: “False certificates are a problem that is upsetting us a lot. I think there is a very small number of them right now and these can be checked. Legal action will be taken in those cases where fraud is confirmed and we will be ruthless.”

According to a report from the Greek newspaper I Kathimerini, Health Minister Thanos Plevris has stated that the ministry was investigating cases of possible fake certificates, particularly cases that have come about after a mandatory vaccination deadline was imposed.

The Greek Ministry of Health has revealed that 5,895 suspensions have been handed out to hospital workers who are either not fully vaccinated or declined the coronavirus vaccine.

At least ten vaccination centres across Greece are currently under investigation after suspicions that they may have is... (Read more)

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