Texas GOP website hacked in apparent retaliation for 'heartbeat' bill

Posted 14 days ago


The Texas Republican Party's official website was hacked Saturday in an apparent attack related to the newly enacted bill banning abortion in the Lone Star State after six weeks.

TexasGOP.org showed several crude messages on Saturday - the 20th anniversary of the September 11 terrorist attacks – mocking the state's Republican Party and going after Texas' new 'Heartbeat Act.'

On the homepage, the hacked version read: 'Texas: Taking Voices from Women to promote theocratic erosion of church/state barriers.'

The original, according to a side-by-side analysis, said: 'Giving Texans a voice to promote conservative philosophy and principles'.

'We are committed to taking away all the rights of women so we can live our prosperous, Bible-thumping dream,' the Texas GOP's mission statement was altered to read in the hacked version of the site.

The hacker – or hackers – embedded a YouTube video on the website with the 1987 song 'Never Gonna Give you up' by Rick Astley. The spamming of that song has become a common trolling act known as 'Rick Rolling.'

Whoever hacked the page also placed an image known as 'Goatse' prominently on the website.

At the bottom of the website, the hackers included a warning reading: 'Disclaimer: Hackers on Steroids are 10 times more effective at romance than 100% of Republicans. Trans demon hackers are coming to get you. Abortion is a... (Read more)