Gavin Newsom on Eve of Recall: No Apologies, No Policy Changes

Posted 14 days ago


California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) is not offering any more apologies for his visit to the French Laundry restaurant last year, in defiance of his own coronavirus guidelines, nor is he offering any changes on the eve of a Sep. 14 recall election.

In an interview this weekend with the San Francisco Chronicle, Newsom said that his apology for the French Laundry incident last November should suffice, and suggested the recall was driven by political opponents, not his own failures.

The Chronicle pointed out several key areas in which Newsom has failed, and which have driven enthusiasm for the recall: the French Laundry hypocrisy, the prolonged school closures, the initial failure of the vaccine rollout, and the failure to clear forests ahead of wildfire season (Newsom vastly exaggerated the progress made on his watch).

The newspaper failed to mention crime, which has skyrocketed across the state amid Newsom and Democrats’ criminal justice “reforms.”

Newsom defended his early shutdown of the state, however, and touted his progress on homelessness, a major source of public frustration with his administration. Newsom’s Project Turnkey has spent billions of dollars to turn private hotels into de facto homeless shelters, though its long-term effects are still unclear, and it could entice more homeless to the state.

The governor has not announced any changes in his policies in response to the recall, though shrewd observers note that it was only once the recall was a real threat that Newsom pushed for schools to reopen. Moreover, he has not reintroduced the state’s old coronavirus color system, and has probably deferred water restrictions until after the election.

In addition, the Chronicle noted that Newsom thinks he deserves additional credit for his early apology for the French Laundry incident:

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