'Perversion of executive power': Top Trump officials fume over Biden's vaccine mandate

Posted 14 days ago


Former top Trump administration officials are vowing to fight back against President Joe Biden's new coronavirus vaccine mandate.

Mark Meadows, former President Donald Trump's White House chief of staff and a current board member of America First Legal, said that Biden's claim that the mandate is "not about freedom or personal choice" is "absolutely wrong" and pledged to "fight back, hold him accountable, and protect individual rights against these unlawful mandates."

“Joe Biden started the year claiming he wouldn’t mandate vaccines, and 9 months later, mired in failing policies and plummeting poll numbers, his administration is going back on their word," he said in a statement. "This overreach is just the latest example–one on a long list of evidence–that this administration will not hesitate to disregard the law in pursuit of their own agenda, even to the point of trampling workers and employers along the way."

Three other former Trump officials echoed Meadows's sentiments and predicted to the Washington Examiner the Biden administration would be facing multiple suits over the announcement.

Brooke Rollins, former White House domestic policy council director, called the mandates a "perversion of executive power that ignores scientific evidence and actively erodes the public's trust in the fight against the pandemic."

"Rather than inspire hope and ensure Americans that we will one day return to normal, Biden sowed fear and division — e... (Read more)