'Anti-wall and AWOL’: Arizona governor calls on Biden, Harris to focus more attention on border crisis

Posted 6 days ago


The Biden administration is "anti-wall and A. W.O.L." during the border crisis, Arizona Governor Doug Ducey told "America's Newsroom" on Thursday, as DHS Secretary Alejandro Majorkas gets set to visit the border.

DOUG DUCEY: We’ve had no interaction with the vice president or the president, we have had a conversation with Secretary Mayorkas and what he's going to see is a crisis and an emergency that needs action from the federal government. And they need to start responding to the border governors, to our requests. We need resources for the National Guard. They need to change the communication to the nation of Mexico. The Biden administration has been anti-wall and AWOL. They’re absent without leave. We need support on the southern border.

Well, they don't like the narrative. It's a border crisis and it's a humanitarian crisis. We've had over 170,000 apprehensions on our southern border, 18,000 children that are in the custody of the federal government. The federal government's not a very good p... (Read more)