Former MLB Commish: Rob Manfred Made a 'Serious Mistake' by Pulling Out of Georgia

Posted 7 days ago


Former Major League Baseball Commissioner Fay Vincent blasted current Commissioner Rob Manfred for making a “serious mistake” in pulling the league’s All-Star Game out of Georgia.

Vincent, who served as MLB commissioner from September of 1989 to September of 1992, let fly with his criticisms of Manfred in a Tuesday op-ed in the Wall Street Journal. In the piece, Vincent accuses Manfred of having made a “serious mistake” by pulling the All-Star Game (ASG) from Atlanta. Specifically, he charges that Manfred should have first protested the “substance of the law” before acting out of “desperation” by enforcing a boycott.

Vincent also highlighted the disproportionate harm such boycotts have on minority communities. In addition to citing the hypocrisy of baseball pulling a special event from Georgia, supposedly because of a “racist” law, and then doing business with a gross human rights abuser in China. The former commissioner also questioned Manfred’s understanding of the Georgia law by harkening back to the incorrect and incendiary conclusions so many arrived at during the 2006 Duke lacrosse controversy.

The talk shows and editorial pages are full of questions. What is the basis for acting so forcefully against Georgia? If Georgia is racist, how can baseball talk of doing business with China? Mr. Manfred failed to spell out specific criticisms of Georgia’s voting law. Now he’s put himself in the awkward position of having to defend Colorado’s voting laws.

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