‘Impossible To Square His Argument’: ‘Morning Joe’ Panel Hammers Biden For Punting On Masters After Stance On MLB All-Star Game

Posted 7 days ago


Panel members on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” hammered President Joe Biden on Wednesday for avoiding taking a stance on whether or not the Masters Tournament should relocate from Georgia over the state’s new election law.

Hosts Joe Scarborough and Willie Geist criticized Biden, saying it’s “impossible to square his argument” after he alternatively took a stand in favor of the MLB moving the All-Star game from Atlanta to Denver, citing the Georgia law.

“If you’re against the All-Star game being played in Atlanta, Georgia, because of legislation that is so racist, then why do you belong to the most exclusive golf club in America, and the world, in the state of Georgia?” Scarborough began, referencing MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred’s membership at Georgia’s Augusta National Golf Club.

“Why is the most important golf tournament in the world played in the state of Georgia? And why do sponsors and why does the national press and why do Democrats apply one standard to the mid-summer classic and another standard to the Masters and every other sporting event that’s going to be held in Georgia?” he continued.

Geist followed by referencing Biden’s avoidance of the issue when asked by a reporter after a Tuesday press conference if he supported the Masters Tournament moving from Georgia as the All-Star game did. “It’s impossible to square his argument,” Geist said, before stating that Bid... (Read more)