Patagonia Donates $1 Million To ‘Defending Democracy,’ Dana Loesch Fires Back. ‘Patagonia Has 13 Factories In China’

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On Tuesday, the clothing company Patagonia announced that they were donating $1 million to groups working to “defend our democracy.”

“Actions speak louder than words,” Patagonia tweeted. “We’re donating $1 million to groups working to defend our democracy and your right to vote. Join us in taking 3 important actions.”

Actions speak louder than words.

We’re donating $1 million to groups working to defend our democracy and your right to vote. Join us in taking 3 important actions:

In the linked article on Patagonia Works titled, “Business Leaders: Actions Speak Louder Than Words,” the organization’s CEO, Ryan Gellert, wrote, “Join us in taking three steps to support our employees and our communities — fund activists, call Congress, stop future restrictive voting laws.”

“No matter who you voted for in November, democracy scored a major victory when nearly two-thirds of eligible voters cast a ballot. Two thousand CEOs came together to say it was important for their employees to make Time To Vote. And Republican and Democratic state and local election officials from every state confirmed there was no widespread fraud. In every county across the country, there were safe, secure elections,” Gellert stated.

“But instead of celebrating democracy in action, a group of lawmakers in Georgia and states across America are doing everything in their power to make it harder for their constituents to vote,” the CEO continued.

Gellert then claimed that Georgia’s election integrity bill was “a new, restrictive voting-access law that limits early and absentee voting and ballot drop-box locations; piles on rigid voter ID requirements; and gives people in power the ability to challenge election results they don’t like,” and that it “will only make it harder for Georgians of all racial, socioeconomic and political stripes — especially Black voters — to elect their representatives.”

Dana Loesch slammed Patagonia’s statement, tweeting, “Patagonia has 13 factories in China, which has internment camps, forced labor, and literally no democracy — and that’s OK — but Georgia expanding access is just TOO FAR, MAN.”

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