Boston Herald Calls to End Major League Baseball's Anti-Trust Exemption

Posted 8 days ago


The Boston Herald called for the termination of Major Leagues Baseball’s (MLB) antitrust exemption in an editorial Tuesday.

“The anti-trust exemption for Major League Baseball has been debated for years — it’s time to end the league’s special status. As its recent actions have shown, it’s not just a sport,” the paper said.

“The MLB chose to politicize baseball by aligning its placement of the All-Star Game with the Democratic agenda,” which will cost Atlanta “about $100 million — money the state sorely needs as it struggles to recover from the revenue-gutting hit of the coronavirus pandemic,” they said about the game’s relocation to Denver.

The Boston Herald also claimed the MLB did not get their facts straight about Georgia’s election integrity law, which led MLB to oppose the legislation initially, writing, “The ability to get the facts straight about the new law apparently did not factor into the decision.”

The Herald continued, “Misinformation about the details of the voting law are widely touted as fact, and corporations have dutifully jumped on the condemnation bandwagon... (Read more)

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