Tucker Carlson Criticizes Arkansas Governor: ‘You Have Come Out Publicly As Pro-Choice On The Question Of Chemical Castration Of Children’

Posted 8 days ago


Tucker Carlson criticized Republican Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson for vetoing a bill that would have banned youth gender reassignment surgeries, saying Tuesday night that Hutchinson is “pro-choice for chemical castration.”

The Arkansas legislature recently passed a bill that would ban doctors from prescribing puberty blockers to children or performing gender reassignment surgery on children who believe they are transgender. But the state’s Republican governor announced Monday that he would veto the bill, describing it as a “vast government overreach.”

“I think of you as a conservative,” Carlson said. “Here you have come out publicly as pro-choice on the question of chemical castration of children. What changed?”

Hutchinson said that Carlson’s characterization of the bill was incorrect because it went “far beyond” banning chemical castration of children.

“This bill was extreme,” the governor said. “And if it clear that this was about prohibiting procedures of sex reassignment surgery, absolutely, I would have signed that bill.”

“But this was the first law in the nation that invokes the state between medical decisions, parents who consent to that, and the decision of the patient,” Hutchinson continued. “And so, this goes way too far.”

The governor said that one of his issues with the bill was that it doesn’t have a “grandfather clause” that would allow children who are already taking puberty blockers to continue taking them.

“This is chemical castration, of course – if you stop puberty and suppress the sex hormones, you are chemically castrating,” Carlson told the governor. “We are talking about minors, children here.”

The Fox News host said that there are many things that children in Arkansas and around the country are not allowed to do, like get married, drink a beer, or get a tattoo. Carlson asked how “chemical castration” is a “conservative value.”

“First of all, you have parents involved in very difficult decisions. You have physicians that are involved in these decisions,” the Arkansas governor said. “And I go back to William Buckley. I go back to Ronald Reagan. The possibles of our party, which believes in the limited role of government.”

Carlson said that although there is not a lot of research on the topic because it is an emerging field, t... (Read more)