Rep. Jordan: Biden's immigration policies have led to 'more than a crisis' at the border, 'It is chaos'

Posted 8 days ago


Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, slammed President Biden for undoing Trump's border policies on "The Ingraham Angle" Tuesday, following reports that the administration is considering finishing construction of the border wall.

REP. JIM JORDAN: They're talking about building the wall, continuing to build the wall, because we heard from every single agent that walls work, they funnel people to the ports of entry, which is how you want the system to work and is just good common sense. But understand, two and a half months ago, before President Trump left office, he said, you undo our policies, you will get a tidal wave of people flooding our border. That's exactly what we have, cause they undid his remain in Mexico policy while you do the processing. They undid the deportation policy. And as you said, they announced to the world we're not going to finish construction on the wall, even though they're now reconsidering. Those three things have led to the tidal wave ... It's more than a crisis. It is chaos on the border. They said last month was the single busiest month they have had since they've been keeping data in records that Border Patrol. So that's how bad the situation is. Thank God for these agents who are working their tail off, but they are overwhelmed right now.

This has been the left's hard policy that Joe Biden announced, you know, these changes that they wanted to make. We should just forget that these were the policies that President Trump put in place. They were just good policies. If that helps them put back in his policies, that's what we should do because they work. Good policy works. The agents told us... (Read more)