‘A Dream Opportunity For The Republican Party’: Joe Scarborough Blasts MLB’s ‘Ridiculous’ Decision To Move All-Star Game

Posted 8 days ago


MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough blasted the MLB over its “ridiculous” decision to move the All-Star Game from Georgia to Colorado.

Scarborough described the decision as a “dream opportunity for the Republican Party” and “short-sighted” for Democrats during Tuesday’s broadcast of “Morning Joe.”

“Are we really at a place now where we’re going to be deciding where baseball players play the All-Star Game, one of America’s really most cherished mid-summer institutions, based on voting rules?” Scarborough began. “It’s ridiculous. And for Democrats, I mean, it’s short-sighted.”

He went on to say that he knows a lot of Democrats and activists didn’t want to hear what he was saying, but that he learned the reason President Joe Biden performed so poorly in Florida in the 2020 election was because of socialism, defunding the police and “culture wars” involving the NFL. He said he spoke to various Florida Republicans who claimed that the issue of kneeling for the national anthem and people talking about politics and sports “was turning a lot of swing voters off.”

“So here we have a dream opportunity for the Republican Party, Willie. It’s not the NFL now. It’s MLB. Now, I don’t think it’s going to stick, especially with all the momentous things that are going on right now on Capitol Hill and the Biden White House, but this is the Republican strategy,” Scarborough continued. “We’re going to lose on legislation. We’... (Read more)