Biden signs executive orders on combating sexual harassment, coinciding with Cuomo scandal

Posted 37 days ago


President Biden is taking action with the aim of advancing gender equality and combating sexual harassment, while a prominent member of his party, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, finds himself at the center of a growing harassment scandal.

On Monday, Biden is expected to sign two executive orders geared toward gender equality. One will create a new Gender Policy Council that will be part of the Executive Office of the President.

According to administration officials, one of the key priorities of the new council will be to combat "systemic bias and discrimination, including sexual harassment."

Under Biden's new executive order, the council's co-chairs will have to provide the president with a strategy that will "address gender in policies, programs and budgets." They will also have to submit annual reports "to measure progress on implementing the strategy."

The council will focus not just on domestic policy but foreign policy as well, although it is unclear what impact they might have on American dealings in other parts of the world.

Biden's second executive order of the day mandates the Department of Education "to review all of its existing regulations, orders, guidance, and policies" to make sure they are consistent with the administration's position "that students be guaranteed education free from sexual violence."

While the president is taking a proactive approach to gender equality through the establishment of this council, he has yet to publicly comment on the allegations against Gov. Cuomo. Reports over the weekend featured allegations from two former staff members who claimed that his... (Read more)