Gov. Hutchinson: Biden's Neanderthal Jab Lacks Sensitivity to 'Freedom-Loving Americans'

Posted 38 days ago


Governor Asa Hutchinson (R-AR) said on this week’s broadcast of “Fox News Sunday” it was not fair for President Joe Biden to insult governors by accusing them of “neanderthal thinking” for being sensitive to the needs of  “freedom-loving Americans.”

Hutchinson said, “I think masks are going to be with us for some time, but at some point, we have to rely upon common sense and good judgment versus mandates and particularly when it comes to our businesses. They want to be able to do the right thing with their patrons and customers, but they want to be able to have some flexibility, and that’s critically important, and that’s we are giving them hope and flexibility.”

He continued, “If you relied simply upon strict public health guidelines, they would love to have a shelter in place for a year, which we cannot do as a society, and so you have to balance what our public health dictates with the real... (Read more)