McCarthy pleads with Trump not to take revenge on Republicans 

Posted 40 days ago


House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy is pleading with former President Donald Trump not to take revenge on Republicans who have crossed him.

Politico Playbook reported Friday that McCarthy has specifically asked Trump not to go after the 10 House Republicans who voted in favor of his second impeachment in January.

Trump called them all out by name during his Sunday appearance at the Conservative Political Action Conference, telling the audience, 'Get rid of them all!'

The ex-president's threat will likely lead to a series of MAGA-versus-moderate GOP primaries, and could cost McCarthy the chance to retake the House, which historically is in his grasp.

On Thursday Trump signaled that he's going to go forward with the so-called GOP civil war, as he issued another statement from Mar-a-Lago blasting Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.

Trump accused McConnell of blowing two elections in Georgia that cost Republicans the Senate majority.

The two incumbent Republican candidates, Sens. Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue, lost their run-off races on January 5 as Trump was attacking Georgia's state election officials and sending out a confused message to potential GOP voters on whether their votes would actually count.

Many GOP strategists blamed the losses on Trump's refusal to concede the presidential election.

McConnell had given Trump breathing room to air out his election grievances in the run-up to the run-offs, as he pushed the then-president to campaign for Perdue and Loeffler.

But on January 6, even before the Capitol riot, McConnell said on the floor the 2020 presidential election was over.

Later, after Trump was acquitted on impeachment charges, the GOP Senate leader delivered a blistering speech where he said Trump 'provoked' the insurrection.

In his statement, Trump slammed McConnell for yielding to his caucus and supporting $600 checks for Americans, rather than the $2,000 Trump backed lat... (Read more)