Pence rails against HR 1, laments Capitol riot prevented 'substantive discussion' on election integrity

Posted 42 days ago


Former Vice President Mike Pence offered harsh criticism for a Democrat-proposed voting reform legislation while condemning the Capitol protest on Jan. 6 that, he said, interrupted what would have been a worthwhile discussion of election integrity.

In an op-ed for the Daily Signal published Wednesday, Pence said that H. R. 1, known as the For the People Act, is "unconstitutional, reckless, and anti-democratic" because it would take power over elections away from the states.

"While legislators in many states have begun work on election reform to restore public confidence in state elections, unfortunately, congressional Democrats have chosen to sweep those valid concerns and reforms aside and to push forward a brazen attempt to nationalize elections in blatant disregard of the U. S. Constitution," Pence wrote.

Pence supported the need for states to be able to set their own election laws, claiming that "voting irregularities" in November's presidential election occurred in large part in states where existing laws had been "set aside ... in favor of sweeping changes ordered by governors, secretaries of state, and courts."

Pence claimed that H. R. 1, which Congress is scheduled to vote on later this week, "would increase opportunities for election fraud, trample the First Amendment, further erode confidence in our elections, and forever dilute the votes of legally qualified eligible voters." Meanwhile, he said lawmakers should be focused on improving election security and public confidence in the voting process.

The former vice president said that the existing concern about election security shared by many Americans was why he wanted to ensure that objections to electoral votes at the Jan. 6 joint session of Congress over which h... (Read more)