Harvard Launches ‘Gender Inclusive’ Bathroom App

Posted 8 days ago


Harvard University is launching an app that will help students determine where gender-neutral bathrooms are located across campus.

The program is called the Gender Inclusive Restroom Mapping project. According to a flyer obtained by the Washington Free Beacon, the university is seeking “to ensure that all Harvard community members, including those who are transgender, gender nonbinary, and gender-nonconforming, have accurate and inclusive means of locating restrooms at Harvard.”

“The project will inventory and discreetly communicate, via a web application, the location of gender-inclusive restrooms across Harvard’s Cambridge, Allston, and Boston campuses,” the flyer reads. “Members of the Harvard community will be able to search for and find detailed information about each restroom.”

The university said it created the application to combat discrimination on campus, asserting that gender-nonconforming people experience anxiety over using the bathroom, which the university has deemed a “public health concern.”

“Discrimination against transgender, gender nonbinary, and gender-nonconforming people in public restrooms often leads to experiences of anxiety around restroom use, restroom avoidance, and lack of restroom access,” the university said. “Deemed a public health concern, these issues can lead to various health problems.”

The bathroom mapping system was created in partnership with the Office of the President and Provost, the engineering school, the Title IX office, the Harvard Medical School, the office of “BGLTQ” student life, among others.

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