Juan Williams Defends Andrew Cuomo, Claims Texas Gov. Abbot Has More To Answer For: ‘I’d Rather Be Cuomo’

Posted 9 days ago


Juan Williams defended Democratic New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo during Monday’s broadcast of “The Five,” saying he believed Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott could soon face more scrutiny.

Williams argued that he wasn’t sure that Cuomo, under fire for reportedly hiding the number of COVID-19 deaths linked to New York nursing homes, had actually committed a provable crime.

Co-host Jesse Watters began the segment by noting that Cuomo was likely to face an investigation into whether more nursing home residents died as a result of his Mar. 25 order requiring such facilities to accept patients regardless of their COVID-19 status — and whether Cuomo’s actions after the fact amounted to an illegal cover-up.

“All right, Juan,” Watters asked. “Do you think they are going to bring charges?”

“I think it’s gonna be fully investigated, Jesse,” Williams replied, adding that he didn’t believe it was clear Cuomo had actually broken any laws. “What is clear here is that he did cover up the number of deaths at nursing homes but not cover up the number of total deaths.”

Williams went on to say that Cuomo’s policy had clearly been wrong, but that wasn’t nec... (Read more)