CNN’s Brian Stelter Says Andrew Cuomo Has Resorted To ‘Media Bashing’, Compares Him To Trump

Posted 13 days ago


CNN host Brian Stelter compared Democratic New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo to former President Donald Trump on Monday, saying that Cuomo has resorted to “media bashing” following the news of his alleged cover up of coronavirus deaths in New York nursing homes.

Stelter appeared on “CNN Newsroom” alongside host Brianna Keilar and discussed Cuomo’s threats against the media in their coverage of the nursing home scandal.

“New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has a new target in his sights. The media. Cuomo is under fire over accusations that he and his administration covered up thousands of Covid related deaths from nursing homes. The governor, taking aim at the media with a not-so-veiled threat,” Keilar began, before playing a video of Cuomo attacking the media over “misinformation” during a press conference and saying he would call them out for lying to New Yorkers.

Cuomo is being investigated by the FBI and over his administration’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic in nursing homes after it surfaced that they reportedly undercounted the number of deaths that occurred among the nursing home population.

After the administration halted its policy of admitting patients that tested positive for the coronavirus into nursing homes, they... (Read more)