Harvard study says reparations could have reduced COVID transmission for blacks

Posted 13 days ago


A Harvard Medical School study concluded that reparations for descendants of slaves could have reduced the spread of COVID-19 among the United States’s black population.

“Almost all of the COVID models you’ll look at have to do with wearing masks, social distancing, closing down businesses — that kind of thing,” said Harvard Medical School professor Eugene Richardson, who is the chairman of a Harvard commission studying reparations. “Yet there are these huge health disparities, notably between people of color and white people, especially in the U. S., and you rarely see racial justice interventions being incorporated into these models.”

The study said, “Black Americans are suffering from a significantly disproportionate incidence of COVID-19.” It also pointed out that the “potential for actual racial-justice interventions, including reparations payments, to ameliorate these disparities has not been adequately explored.”

A team of researchers set out to answer this question and concluded that some sort of reparations program would have beneficial health implications for the country’s black population.

“While there are compelling moral and historical arguments for racial-injustice interventions such as reparations, our study considers potential hea... (Read more)