"This is what I wanted": Mike Lindell told ABC he is "so happy" Dominion had filed its lawsuit against him

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Posted 9 days ago


From abcnews.go.com

Lindell on Monday morning told ABC News he was "so happy" Dominion had filed its lawsuit against him because it will enable him to demand internal company documents through the legal discovery process.

"This is what I wanted. I've been waiting for this. I just called my lawyers, I said finally they're doing it," Lindell told ABC News.

Lindell, MyPillow's founder and CEO, also denied the accusation that he had pushed election fraud claims to benefit his business.

"I've lost over twenty retailers because of the cancel culture," Lindell said. "Because of this, I can't go on the TV because they're afraid I'll say the word 'corrupt Dominion.' I've lost my company Twitter account, all this money."