United Airlines Investigating Who Leaked Ted Cruz Flight Details

Posted 14 days ago


United Airlines is investigating whether one of its employees improperly accessed and leaked confidential passenger data for Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), after Cruz was seen flying to Cancun, Mexico, amid a massive weather event in Texas.

Cruz, who made headlines for his turnaround trip, was photographed in an airport Wednesday. After apparently realizing the difficult optics associated with such a public trip, Cruz released a statement suggesting he was doing a quick turnaround and would return to Houston Thursday.

A United Airlines employee, though, accessed Cruz’s data and discovered that the Texas Senator had switched his flight, rebooking for Thursday from a Saturday return, in stark contrast to the Senator’s public statement. The employee then, it seems, revealed the discrepancy to a reporter.

“Spoke to a source at United Airlines, Senator Ted Cruz rebooked his flight back to Houston from Cancun for this afternoon at around 6 a.m. today (Thursday). He was originally scheduled to return on Saturday,” airlines reporter Edward Russell noted on Twitter.

That information is supposed to be confidential according to United Airlines company policy, and it is against company policy to leak it or make it public in any way.

Now, United Airlines wants to know if one of their employees is responsible.

“United Airlines has begun investigating who leaked Republican Texas Senator Ted Cruz’s flight information for his return trip from Cancun, Mexico to Texas earlier this week,” Newsweek noted Friday.

“United Airlines told Newsweek on Friday that ‘It’s against United’s policies to share personal information about our customers and we ar... (Read more)