Footballer Rips ‘Marxist’ BLM: White Players Scared To Be ‘Branded Racist,’ I’ve Been Called ‘Uncle Tom’

Posted 10 days ago


Nottingham Forest soccer player Lyle Taylor said last week that he will not be taking a knee before games, decrying anti-police movement Black Lives Matter as a “Marxist group” that pushes “racial unrest.”

According to the soccer player, Taylor himself has been “branded racist” and called nasty names, such as an “Uncle Tom” and a “coon,” for speaking out against the movement. He also intimated that he believes some white players could be feeling pressured to take a knee before games lest they be “branded racist,” too.

“I took the decision because I felt that enough was enough,” he said, according to LBC, adding that “not enough people have looked into the organization that has kind of brought this all to the fore.”

“I said before that I agree with the message that black lives do matter and something needs to be done about that to actually teach the message that the racial inequality and the societal injustice needs to stop,” Taylor said.

The athlete continued: “But by the same token, we are hanging our hat on a Marxist group who are … looking to defund the police, they’re looking to use societal unrest and racial unrest to push their own political agenda, and that’s not what black people are, we’re not a token gesture or a thing to hang your movement on just because it’s what’s powerful and what’s going on at the moment.”

In January, Taylor espoused similar criticisms of BLM, according to The Sun. “I do not support Black Lives Matter as an institution, as an organiza... (Read more)