WHO official says Wuhan COVID lab-escape theory a 'hypothesis,' as UK prime minister demands answers

Posted 55 days ago


U. K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson says he will "call" during Friday’s virtual G-7 summit of leaders, including President Biden, for the international community to "get to the bottom" of exactly how COVID-19 originated.

Johnson has backed demands by the Biden administration for China to come up with raw data that Beijing reportedly did not provide World Health Organization investigators during its four-week study of the disease in Wuhan.

In a recent response to emailed questions from Fox News, WHO spokesperson Tarik Jasarevic acknowledged, "It is customary that datasets are shared for parallel analysis."

He said this raw data was provided by the Chinese for "some of the studies," but he went on to note, it "will be discussed for other aspects of the work where this was not yet possible."

Regarding reports there were "heated discussions" about getting hold of all the information the WHO wanted from Chinese officials about COVID-19, Jasarevic admitted to Fox News, "There were moments where strong, sometimes challenging, scientific dialogue took place."

He added the organization will work with China "for the collection and interpretation of evidence … reserving ourselves the right from agreeing on anything that cannot be agreed upon."

As to the actual origins of the coronavirus, the WHO did acknowledge to Fox News the disease could have been transmitted via "frozen food." This has been a theory pushed by Beijing in an attempt to support its contention that COVID-19 started ou... (Read more)